For any TALK International students studying abroad, there are times when you may want to read something more than just your text books to help you relax. Unfortunately, you probably do not have [...]

Solar Polar back pack

In today’s world, electronic gadgets become more indispensable every day. Unfortunately all these gadgets  need to be charged regularly otherwise they run out of power at the most inconvenient [...]


When students including TALK English Schools students study abroad, the biggest nightmare can be if your mobile and portable devices become lost or even stolen. If this happens it can cause major [...]

Head phones

When our TALK International students want to have a little time to themselves, what better device than a set of headphones to create a temporary and pleasant barrier between you and that busy [...]


If you take your studies seriously and work very hard while at college, TALK international students may find it difficult to relax and to wind down, especially after studying or writing  [...]


Music is a part of living and is a major industry in the world. It is great for bringing people together, making you relax and, well, just happy. A great idea for our TALK international students [...]

USB flash drive

When studying in college, it is important to have all your assignments and documents backed up and available to you at all times, especially when you have to study in different locations. A USB [...]


When it comes to college, there are many things that you will find help you make the best of your study opportunities that will eventually lead to a successful career. For TALK International [...]

Scientific calculator

For any TALK International student just beginning their college career, you will soon find out that although it is exciting time, it is also a challenging period.  For those students who choose [...]

Mobile phone

For any college student, a mobile phone is a very important asset that makes managing all the different demands of everyday life much easier. Many TALK International students know a mobile phone [...]