Dash or Hyphen

Dash or hyphen? There is a difference!  But many people do not know this.  You need to know when to use a dash or hyphen. A hyphen (-) is used to divide words that split at the end of a line, or [...]


Parentheses are not the most common form of punctuation, but it helps to know how they are used. Here is a good explanation of how and when parentheses are used from the website, [...]

Period or Full Stop

What we call a period in American English is also known as a full stop British English.  The period is the punctuation mark at the end of the sentence.  Here’s a simple definition: Period [...]

the question mark

What to say about the question mark, huh????? This is what a dictionary definition is: question mark noun * a punctuation mark (?) indicating a question. *  used to express doubt or uncertainty [...]

quotation marks

Quotation marks are a way of separating out a word, a phrase, a quote attributed to somebody and written exactly as it is spoken. Quotation marks, known also as quotes or inverted commas, can be [...]

exclamation mark

We all know what an exclamation mark is, but do we know how to use it? Here is a dictionary definition: exclamation mark (exclamation point) noun a punctuation mark (!) indicating an exclamation. [...]

the comma

The comma is important.  It is not used as much as it should be in written English, and this makes comprehension of sentences a whole lot more difficult, especially if English is not your native [...]