Less vs fewer

I tell you, less vs fewer just seems to be one of those grammar-related mistakes that get under people’s skin!  Go ahead and google it, and you’ll find impassioned grammarians bemoaning the “10 [...]

How to use Nor

The word ‘nor‘ creates a certain unease about how to use it.  Does it replace ‘or’?  Is it used to mean something more specific?   I always think that learning how to use [...]

Into and in to

Correct usage of into and in to is as much of a challenge to native English speakers as it is to learners of the language. What’s the Difference Between Into and In To? “Into” is a preposition [...]

Test My English Level

Learning English is one of the hardest languages in the world to learn. For those who are taking up this challenging yet rewarding endeavour, there will be times when you will encounter an [...]

I or me?

“I” and “me” are both pronouns in the English language.  Some instances of which of the 2 pronouns to use – I or me – in a sentence are clear, others…not so much.  ESL students will [...]