Things to do in Atlanta

Atlanta is home to a great variety of attractions that any TALK English Schools student can enjoy while living and studying in Atlanta Georgia. This wonderful city caters for study abroad [...]

What is an American?

Being an American is not just about living in the United States Of America. Americans come in all sorts of colors, shapes and beliefs, and Americans welcome those who want to participate or be a [...]

USA student travel

For TALK International students studying and traveling abroad there are many things that you need to think about when it comes to USA student travel to make your trip that extra safe. Here are [...]

Fun sports games

Sport is a great way of getting healthy and having lots of fun. For TALK international students studying abroad it is a great idea to branch out and make new friends by playing sports in your [...]

American foods

America is well known for its fine American cuisine and American food, and for many TALK students when they first come to the USA, they may find a grand variety of options to choose from that [...]

College blogs

College is a time for fun and excitement, and for TALK international students looking to study abroad, some of the best ways of finding out about a study abroad experience is by doing some [...]

Business English

The use of English in the workplace has many advantages, especially when it comes to dealing with companies right round the world. For those looking for a high paying career, using proper [...]