What is an American?

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Being an American is not just about living in the United States Of America. Americans come in all sorts of colors, shapes and beliefs, and Americans welcome those who want to participate or be a part of their ways. There are many TALK international students who ask the questions of what an American actually is and how do they become an American to experience the wonders of this great land. Here are some tips on the insight of how you can start to become an American citizen and understand this culture.

Understand The History – America holds some great history, and when on the path of understanding Americans and how they are today it is a great idea to take initiative and learn about the history of this great land and how it came to be.American

Know The Laws  – The constitution along with the bill of rights is an important thing for TALK students to learn and study. When it comes to learning the ways of the American culture it is important for you to be aware of the governing laws that America uses and the laws of other countries. Knowing these differences in these laws and being ready to defend the American way is another great start to becoming an American.

Fight For The American Way – One of the most common things you will see with the American people is the way that they will fight through thick and thin in the things they believe in and love. This can be anything from marriage to laws. Although you may not believe in everything you hear like some Americans do, they will support you right to the end.

Vote – One thing that Americans pride themselves in is the freedom and right to vote. Voting allows Americans to have a voice in who they want in office and for the laws that govern the land. When you exercise the right to vote you are then acting like an American.


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