What is an American?

Being an American is not just about living in the United States Of America. Americans come in all sorts of colors, shapes and beliefs, and Americans welcome those who want to participate or be a [...]

American Holidays

Throughout the year, there are many special traditional American holidays, when friends and family come together to celebrate the occasion and re-affirm their history, their values and beliefs. [...]

College drinking

For TALK and any international student who is experiencing a new country for the first time,  peer pressure is always a major consideration because it is so powerful but sometimes it can lead to [...]

Cultural Adaptation

When it comes to studying abroad in a new country, there are many things that any TALK student needs to have in mind when they prepare themselves for this exciting and thrilling adventure. At the [...]

College Clothes

When you’re studying abroad and going to classes it’s really important that you feel comfortable with what you wear. For TALK’s international students, it is important not to wear something [...]


For TALK international students studying abroad, this is an exciting time.  You meet new people, and maybe even share your living space with a room-mate who comes from another country.  While you [...]

American stereotypes

For TALK students traveling abroad to study in the USA, you may already have a generalized idea of what you may expect of Americans as you have seen the movies, read about the celebrities, [...]

American greetings

TALK students who studying abroad will probably find at the start of their stay that the new culture and language is a little daunting. Let’s begin at the beginning, and that means the American [...]