Veterans Day Facts

While both Veterans Day and Memorial Day are Federal holidays which honor those who have served the United States Armed Forces and prior to that in the Civil War, the American holiday known as [...]

A World Of Flavors

The foods you ate in the US as an ESL student were part of your experience of American culture.  You were exposed to a whole new type of cuisine, both good and bad.  Food and culture are closely [...]

Tales From The Road

You’re home.  It’s bittersweet.  Your time as an ESL student abroad was filled with so many memories.  You learned English in the US, made friends with your American classmates, and travelled [...]

Funny In Two Languages

The first weeks, months, maybe YEARS of your study of the English language may have been filled with false laughter.  Yours.  As an ESL student studying in the US you probably sat comfortably [...]

Have Pride In Your Homeland

America, and the culture of the US are so very different from your own country and it’s culture.  Different, especially America’s idea of different, can be pretty dazzling.  I’m sure you still [...]