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There are a lot of preconceptions of the US, American culture, and individual Americans.  Once you return home from ESL study in the US, you can share your personal experiences, and teach others what you’ve learned.  Your countrymen may have a lot of stereotypical ideas of Americans, and the culture of the US.  Tell them which things, from your perspective as an ESL student, are true, which are false, and what was the most surprising thing you discovered.

Teach Other What You Have Learned

The export of American media, movies, TV shows, and music are at the heart of most of the current stereotypes that people all over the world have regarding Americans, and the culture of the US.  There are also some notions that spring from older ideas, and political differences.  You might even have believed some of these ideas before you arrived in the United States.

A very common belief is that all Americans are rich.

College life probably put the knife in this one.  Many college students in the US struggle to make tuition, and take on debt, despite having partial scholarships, and/or part-time jobs.  You can express to your friends, family, and countrymen how similar American students are to the students at home.

All Americans eat fast food?

Yup, I bet that one really rang true from your experience studying abroad!  Students in the US are notorious for favoring convenience over nutrition.  I bet your own uptick on the scale is proof of how easy it is to fall into the fast food trap when you’re busy.

Speaking of scales…obese, another stereotype of Americans that is more true than false.  Though there are some aggressively healthy people on the other end of the spectrum, most Americans fall into the “need to lose a few” category, as I’m sure you noticed when you traveled around the US.

Freedom, entitlement, the home of opportunity, all of these notions will be subjective.

Host a dinner where you prepare your favorite American meal.  Gather everyone together, and translate some of the stories from a US newspaper that best mirror your own perspectives from your time as a study abroad student in the US.  Maybe you saved newspaper clippings of stories that moved you, angered you, or made you laugh?  Now’s the time to share them.

You can help dispel false stereotypes of Americans by sharing what your perspective is of your host country from your time in the US.  Teach others what you learned from your own experience.  Share how exposure to the culture of the US changed the ways you think about yourself, and the culture of your own country.

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