toward and towards

Toward and towards – does it matter which word you use? Though there is a perception that the words, toward and towards, which are both prepositions, have distinctive and separate usages, [...]

Further or Farther

Deciding which of these two words, further or farther, one must use in a sentence is quite easy to do.  Further and farther crop up quite a bit in everyday spoken English.  Most people do not [...]

Capital Letters

Capital letters are used in written English in the situations which are discussed below. Lower case letters must be used in all other instances. Capital Letters: Rules and Usage When are capital [...]

(60 great) words to use

Finding new  words to use is a really fun part of learning a new language. Words define a person, and interesting words engage your listeners.  Here are 60 interesting words to use – all [...]


Prepositions appear most often in phrases which contain an adjective, a noun or pronoun, with the noun or pronoun being the object of the preposition. Over the hill After the [...]

Collective Nouns

Collective nouns are really one of the most fun, strange and interesting parts of the English language.  There are some that all of us – native speakers and new English speakers – say all [...]

that or which

Choosing to use that or which when they are part of an adjective clause is decided by a fairly simple rule, which if you do not know, can lead to a whole lot of confusion.  You use that before a [...]

Like and As

Like and as in some contexts can mean the same or similar, but in other contexts, like and as give the sentence very different meanings. To learn how to use the words, like and as, correctly, we [...]