Free activities in Miami

Free yoga classes at the Bayfront, free boot camp classes at Miami-Dade City parks, discounted admission to museums – whatever the season, there are so many discounted or free activities in [...]

Culture Shock

When studying abroad, culture shock can be a reality especially when you do not know to expect it and how to prepare for it. For TALK international students, there are many different ways you can [...]

Like and As

Like and as in some contexts can mean the same or similar, but in other contexts, like and as give the sentence very different meanings. To learn how to use the words, like and as, correctly, we [...]

double negative

We have all heard about the double negative – they are popular in music lyrics and as slang expressions.  The meaning is understood, but the meaning is not based on proper grammatical rules and [...]

Hidden college expenses

With tuition fees rising, the cost of attending college may be more that what parents and TALK students have anticipated when they start to save for their education at college. For a lot of [...]

San Francisco Events

San Francisco is one of the most populated cities in California and hosts amazing events throughout the year that are great fun for everyone to enjoy. Depending on the time of year and the [...]

apostrophe and s

The incorrect use of the placement of an apostrophe and s is another of many English grammar nerds’ pet peeves.  People are uncertain about when to use an apostrophe – which is a [...]

College Stress

For our TALK international students, college can be a stressful time. Some stress may push you to work harder, study more to meet your goals, or stick with a challenging task. During this time it [...]