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With tuition fees rising, the cost of attending college may be more that what parents and TALK students have anticipated when they start to save for their education at college. For a lot of families, the tuition is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of student expenses.  There are plenty of hidden expenses you may not have thought of. Here are some of the basic college living expenses that you may not have accounted for when saving for college.business savings

Books and Media: It is said that the annual cost of all a college students required textbooks ranges between $850 to $1000. Although this may seem a lot, you shouldn’t skimp on these as you need the textbooks to effectively undertake and complete your studies. To save some money though, you can purchase  used textbooks, borrow library textbooks, or find bargains online.  This all helps  keep your budget under control.

Class and Parking Fees: Depending on the area and classes you attend, you may be charged additional fees to make use of specialized equipment or learning aids in the classroom. To help keep these expenses under control, find out beforehand what these fees amount to. Your college will provide you with a breakdown of these costs, upon request. Parking costs on campus should also be checked, so you know what to budget if you are using your car.

Having Fun: During your stay and study period, your downtime will include hanging out with friends, and this potential cost must also be considered, especially if you like going to movies, and taking part in other paid cultural, sporting, entertainment events. Remember to prioritize your activities and so ensure that you spend your leisure-time money on the things you really want to do..

Furnishings: When studying abroad, you may have to purchase selected household items including bedding, lamps, towels, furniture, decorative pieces, waste baskets, laundry items, appliances and more, depending on where and how you plan to live. It is best to work out what items you will need to purchase and how much roughly all of them will cost you.

Fraternities and Sororities: The Greek system can be very costly, and requires careful consideration for any student on a budget. Any dues required can be expensive and if you are joining midyear you may be required to pay for the past months which can cause you to pay double.

Food: Food is another important expense that you need to take into consideration. Depending on where and what you eat, food can be expensive.  The best way to help reduce food costs is by eating simply but healthily, buying locally and at markets, and making your own meals.

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