Pay It Forward: How To Teach English In Your Own Community

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Your ESL study in the US helped you improve your English language skills, and gave you a meaningful cultural experience.  When you return to your home country from your time away as a study abroad student you may experience some feelings of disconnectedness to your own culture.  You’ve changed in fundamental ways, but people at home don’t seem all that impressed.  Do you feel misunderstood?  Do you miss your US school?  One way to cope with these feelings is to share the knowledge you gained while away.  Pay it forward, and Teach the basics of English in your own community!

Giving Back By Teaching English Back Home

English is an important skill.  It’s the language of global business, the Internet, science, medicine, and the media industry.  People everywhere—including your hometown—want to study English, but may not have access to classes.

I guarantee you that there are opportunities for you to volunteer teach.  Check with your local schools and libraries.  Even the company you work for may be looking for someone to help teach the basics of English to provide better customer service, and aid employees who want to advance their careers.

Giving back to your community will be a rewarding experience.  One that reinforces your existing English language skills, and motivates you to improve upon them.

You may feel intimidated about your ability to teach, but don’t sweat it, there are easy lesson plans available online.  Just think back to when you were new to learning English, what worked for you?  What lit the light bulb?

Being from the same culture as the people you’ll be teaching will give you automatic credibility, and you’ll be a real inspiration.  When you tell other kids, or adults that they can learn English they’ll believe you, after all you did it.  By teaching the basics of English back home in your own country you’ll be paying forward the benefits you’ve gained as a study abroad student in the US.

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