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When you’re studying abroad and going to classes it’s really important that you feel comfortable with what you wear. For TALK’s international students, it is important not to wear something that will make a statement or is inappropriate in terms of the college dress code. Here are some of the things you shouldn’t wear while studying or walking around on campus. What not to Wearclothes Pyjamas and Ugg Boots: Unless you’re in bed studying, or your college has a pyjama day, do not wear pyjamas to classes!! The same applies to Ugg boots. They are the ‘pyjamas’ of shoes. Ugg boots shouldn’t be worn unless extreme cold weather is being experienced!! Cover your Behind: You may have seen the trend of low-riding jeans or pants that expose your underwear. Well, this is not acceptable in college. It is important to look tidy and respectable  on campus. If you are wearing low-rise jeans or pants, make sure that, if you bend over, your behind isn’t showing. Mandals: Mandals are sandal type shoes that are worn by men. Although these are fine for the pool, beach, or when taking a cruise, they are not suitable for college. Wear shoes that are closed in on the toes. They look so much more presentable, plus they provide a good protection for your feet! Skullcaps: Skullcaps are a kind of headwear similar to a beanie. These are seen as being worn by people who are just too lazy to do their hair for the day’s classes. Although they are acceptable in the winter months when it is very cold, they shouldn’t be worn in the classroom whatever the weather. Socks with Sandals: Socks with sandal aren’t considered respectable footclothes wear and they do not provide your feet with proper protection in the classroom or on campus. Wearing the Same Clothes 3 Days in a Row: Although it may seem like a good idea, because you save on the laundry costs, try to avoid wearing your same clothes 3 days in a row! This not only indicates to your fellow students that you have poor hygiene, but it could also make you a social outcast as you are ridiculed by some of your classmates.

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