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For TALK and any international student who is experiencing a new country for the first time,  peer pressure is always a major consideration because it is so powerful but sometimes it can lead to very adverse situations.  For example, a common pressure is the need to participate in college binge drinking when studying abroad. Although this may seem like fun, it can have a lot of unintended consequences, impacting a student’s  mental and physical stability, and affecting everyone around them. What follows are some guidelines you can use to avoid the negative consequences of binge-drinking.

Seek a Hobbydrinking

Hobbies are a great alternative to drinking alcohol!  They occupy your mind and fill the need for a passionate involvement in something outside of yourself.  Depending on what you like you may take up playing an instrument, doing puzzles, working with your hands to craft items, and so much more. Think about what you really love to do, and use your free time to do it! This will not only help to keep any possibility for binge drinking at bay, but also offers you a space to relax and have good, constructive fun.

Have Fun with Real Friends the Right Way

Instead of going to a bar, go to a movie, go bowling, entertain at home, or play video games. All these things you can do with your friends and you don’t need to combine these activities with alcohol in order to enjoy them.

Do Charitable Work

If you are used to spending your free time drinking, why not re-direct that and use your spare time to do community service in your neighborhood? Not only will you feel better about yourself, but you will also be making a contribution to the lives of people who are less fortunate than yourself.


For TALK English Schools students on a budget, why not explore the city you drinking are currently living in and see what it has to offer. Find new places, explore different neighborhoods, shopping centers and more.

Buy New Things

Instead of spending money on alcohol, save it up for a fantastic holiday or to buy fabulous things that you really covet! You will find that the savings you accrue because of not spening on alcohol can go instead to all sort of long term and worthy investments such as a car, a home, a wonderful holiday.



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