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When it comes to studying abroad in a new country, there are many different types of transport options you can use to help get your from one location to another. For TALK English Schools students living and studying in Miami Beach, Boston, Atlanta, Aventura, Miami, San Francisco, and Fort Lauderdale, there are other options to public transport that you can use to not only get your from A to B but also give you the exercise you need throughout the week. Biking sharing is a great option for TALK students to get around and see the city in an affordable way.

What Is Bike Sharing?

A Bike Sharing System is a service in the US, and other parts of the world, where bicycles are made available for a shared use basis for people who are looking for a short term riding. The bike share system allows you to borrow a bicycle from point A and be able to return it at point B.

Types Of Bike Sharing Systems

Depending on the location of the biking sharing system, there are a few types of Bike Sharing Systems that may be available when it comes to using a bicycle for short term use.


Unregulated Bike Sharing Programs allow the bicycles to be released into a given area or part of the city for anyone to use. In some university campuses, bike sharing is used, but is designated to be used for certain boundaries.  Unregulated bike sharing is rare due to the vandalism and theft of the bikes due to no locks, security deposits, or user identification.


Deposit bike sharing requires a small cash deposit to be given to unlock the bike ready for use, and will be released back to you when the bike is returned back to terminal. While the small amount of cash isn’t really enough to avoid theft, some bike sharing programs may require a valid credit card to be used when taking out the bike.


Membership bike sharing general keeps the bikes at a self-service terminal or volunteer run hubs throughout the day. Registration with the program allows for the user to have a membership card that allows for you to use the bike without having to continuously have money on hand when borrowing the bike.

Benefits Of Bike Sharing

There are many advantages of using the bike sharing option in your studying city. Here are just some of the advantages of bike sharing.

  • Increased health with more exercise
  • More affordable than most public transports
  • Freedom to go where you want around the city
  • A great way of getting you from point A to point B
  • Ideal for short trips around the city


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