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For any TALK International students studying abroad, there are times when you may want to read something more than just your text books to help you relax. Unfortunately, you probably do not have the room or ability to store all your favorite books from home in your dorm area or your room. This is where a Kindle can come in handy. Here is some information and a list of benefits about owning a Kindle.

What is a KindleKindle

A Kindle is a must-have gadget for college students, because it is all about enabling you to download books you want to read at any time of the day or night. You just use this device to buy e-books online – no need to wait for the bookstore to open!

 What are the Benefits of a Kindle

Increased Storage Space – Because a kindle holds downloadable books, it can help you to save space in storage. Paper books tend to take up a lot of space and can be quite heavy to transport around with you. By downloading your books you can help to free up the space where you would normally keep your books.

Cost Effective – Depending on the types of books you want to download, a kindle can provide a cost effective way of saving money on paperbacks. Paper books tend to be more expensive than Ebooks, and therefore will help you to save money that you would use to buy a bulky book.

Easy Reading – Kindles are designed to provide an easy to read design with their large screens. They are suitable for reading in daylight or night-time areas with their backlit screen, depending on the model purchased.

Portable – Due to their compact size, kindles are able to provide students with a transportable device that is ideal for taking with you no matter where you go. This is beneficial for excursions, trips away from college or home, or when in the waiting room at the clinic or doctor’s surgery you can quickly whip out your light and compact Kindle and read while you wait.


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