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When students including TALK English Schools students study abroad, the biggest nightmare can be if your mobile and portable devices become lost or even stolen. If this happens it can cause major stress and inconvenience and can be extremely costly to replace the devices. This is where GadgetTrak comes into play. Here is some information about GadgetTrak and how it can benefit you.

What Is GadgetTrak?GadgetTrak

GadgetTrak is a specially made mobile security software that is designed to help with locating stolen or lost devices including misplaced iPads, flash drives, laptops, Smartphones, and tech tools. This software is designed to use Wi-Fi, GPS, and Cell Tower Triangulation to help with location tracking of the missing device.

Advantages of GadgetTrak

Protects Personal Data – GadgetTrak is capable of easily protecting your personal data when your device is lost or stolen. This software is able to set off alarms, back up data, and remotely wipe out personal data for added safety.

Saves Money – Because it is capable of tracking the location of your devices, it’s going to save you money as you will not have to replace mislaid devices. If you are on tight budget you cannot afford to purchase a new device, GadgetTrak is a must-have.

Versatile for Multiple Devices – Because of its innovative design, this security software is is very versatile when it comes to different applications and devices. This software is designed for all sorts of compact devices from phones to laptops.

For TALK English Schools students who are looking for that extra bit of security and device protection, GadgetTrak is one great solution that can not only keep your devices protected but can also give your peace of mind at all times while studying abroad.

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