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When it comes to college, there are many things that you will find help you make the best of your study opportunities that will eventually lead to a successful career. For TALK International students studying at college, there are a few items that can really help to improve performance and make your student career a successful one. A printer is one such necessity that can really benefit students, no matter what they are studying. Here are some of the advantages of using a printer in college.

The Advantages of a Printer for Studentsprinter

Print Preview

When you are printing your studies for your tutor, you have the opportunity to see your document before you print it out. Print preview is a great way of making sure your document is aligned correctly, has all the necessary spaces, titles or anything else such as correct grammar or spelling that you may have overlooked.

Document Digitization

Printers are also great for scanning photographs or paper documents that may be required for study material. When hooked up to a computer, these documents can be saved digitally, allowing you access to them at a later date for further study or use.

Quick Document Reproduction

Instead of writing out multiple paper copies of your assignments, a printer can easily provide you with easy reproduction of your documents quickly. This is great if you have made a mistake on your assignment and you need to reprint it out again.

Ink Printers VS Laser Printers

When purchasing a printer some may ask which one is the better option: Laser or ink printers?  Here are the pros and cons to both these printers.

Ink Printer Pro’s

  • Smaller Size
  • Low cost
  • Cheaper ink cartridges
  • Easier To Replace Cartridges
  • Excellent Photo Quality

Ink Printer Cons

  • Slower printing of larger documents
  • Less efficient ink use
  • Messy to clean

Laser Printer Pros

  • More efficient Toner Use
  • Less mess to clean up
  • Faster print speeds

Laster Printer Cons

  • Higher color costs
  • Can be noisy
  • Larger in size
  • Higher toner cartridge cost


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