gerund phrase

A gerund phrase always begins with a gerund. A gerund is a word that ends with –ing. A gerund phrase will always contain modifiers. The gerund phrase works in a sentence as a noun, but they are [...]

Live like a local

When TALK international students embark on their study-abroad experience, it is important to try to do the things that will most certainly make your stay not only productive but also very [...]

Verb phrases

What are verb phrases? Here is the meaning according to a Google: “the part of a sentence containing the verb and any direct or indirect object, but not the subject.”  Okay, so what does [...]

Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional phrases describe the relationship between and object and the preposition used with it.  Words such as inside, on top, around, all, any, more are examples of prepositions and can be [...]

Commune with nature

For TALK international students living and studying abroad in the USA, there are times when it is important to get out and about and away from your studies and, most especially to take the time [...]

Father’s Day In The USA

Father’s Day, which falls on Sunday June 19 in 2016, recognizes fathers in the USA and the world over. Father’s Day is a day of appreciation for what fathers do in their children’s lives.  It [...]