What you must not do when you study abroad

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For TALK International students studying abroad, there are many things that you should do, and shouldn’t do when you take on such an amazing opportunity. Here are some study abroad tips on what you mustn’t do when you are arriving in your host country and studying abroad.

  1. Expect Things To Be The Same: When travelling to a foreign country, remember study abroad that not everything will be the same. There will be changes in culture, laws, ways of living, and other things that may affect you. Take things in your strive and never expect things to be the same as it is in your own country.
  2. Carry Luggage Of A Stranger: When entering your host country never take luggage over the border for someone you don’t know. There are many people who are smuggling drugs and use others to get pass the checkpoints. Don’t be caught for something you have nothing to do with.
  3. Never Learn The Host Language: While staying in your host country, try to learn some of the language to help get yourself used to the culture. Not only will this help with communication, but it will also help with making new friends and meeting new people.
  4. Wait A Week Before Your Flight For Passport Renewal: When you are going to fly to your host country, make sure your passport and documents are well in order. Due to some regulations it may take a few weeks for everything to be up to date and in order to properly make your journey.
  5. Underestimate Your Budget: When studying abroad, make sure you have sufficient funds to cater for all your costs. Never assume the costs, always research before you leave on food, travel expenses, living expenses and anything else you can think of to make sure you have more than enough money.
  6. Never Do Any Dangerous Activities Without Insurance: Before travelling it is best to apply and have an insurance that covers you for injury or doctors visits if you are in an accident. Insurance is vital to help save you money, and is a great way of keeping your protected financially during your trip.
  7. Not Have Fun: Overall when studying abroad it is important to have fun at all times or as best you can. By having fun while you’re in a new country, you will have a much more pleasant experience with fun memories to go around.
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