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When studying abroad in your host country, the U.S.A., TALK international students will find the more they try to learn and experience about their host country, the more they will enjoy their stay. Whether living with a host family or on your own, for example, why not try to learn how to make one traditional dish that is associated with your host country. It will help you connect in a basic way with your new home. Here are some tips on how you can do this.

Research Traditional Meals – When you are studying abroad, it is a good idea to do somedish research on some of the traditional meals of that country. Once you have decided on what kind of meal you wish to serve, choose a recipe for a dish that you think you will like, would like to serve to your hosts or guests, and will enjoy creating as well.

 Budget – Before you commit to any dish, check how much the ingredients will cost you to make sure it is well within your budget. Some traditional meals may contain a variety of ingredients that you have not come across before as these ingredients are not generally used in your home country cuisine. You need to find out these and other ingredients to ensure that your dish is affordable and won’t break your budget.

 Follow The Recipe – When cooking a traditional meal it is important to follow the recipe to its end. By following the recipe precisely you can be assured that you are creating a truly traditional dish that you can be proud of!

Have Fun – While creating your host country’s cuisine, have fun while doing it. Maybe you could do some role playing while cooking, and dress up in some type of traditional dress or style that is associated with you host culture.



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