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Cost of living comparison is useful because costs vary according to the city you live in.  English Schools are located mostly in the major cities in the USA, such as Boston, San Francisco, and New York.  What city your choose makes a difference to the funds you will need to live while you are studying.

As outlined in our blog on the subject:

“The cost of living is how much you pay for housing, gas, food, clothing, and other everyday items. It is a useful measurement that allows you to compare expenses between locations and over time.

Many sources estimate the cost of living for you. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s an index, so your particular expenses might be higher or lower. For example, gas would cost more if you have a Hummer versus a Prius.” 

Cost of Living Comparison per City in the USA

cost of living comparison

To learn more about the cost of living comparison in cities across the US, take a look at our blogs comparing the average costs of local transportation, utilities, meals, entertainment and other aspects of living in Aventura, Atlanta, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Miami Beach and San Francisco.

Here are some tables which provide an idea of costs per city of transport, utilities, meals, entertainment and other aspects of living in these US cities in which TALK English Schools are located:

Transportation, Utilities, And Other Costs (US$)


Meals, Restaurants and Grocery Costs (US$)

The amount you need for food will vary according to the city and area you decide to live and study, and how many of your meals are included in accommodation rates. But if you are planning to buy your own groceries and self-cater most of your meals, you can use a base amount of $250 per week.  In addition, we have listed some examples* of how much coffee, breakfast, lunch at fast food, at ok restaurants, at fancy restaurants etc. cost in each city where TALK English Schools is located:


Entertainment and Activities Costs (US$)

There are plenty of free activities in many US cities, from concerts in public parks and spaces to yoga on the beach, to free days at museums and zoos, street fairs, carnivals, and food festivals.  Here is an idea of the costs such as entrance fees, tickets to sought-after attractions and events in each city.

cost of living comparison

*The price examples reflect actual amounts in 2017 for the listed areas.

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