What Surprised our Students about Atlanta

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The City in the South – Atlanta – is a relatively new city, having been founded in 1837, mostly destroyed in the Civil War (1861-1865), and risen again to become the sprawling metropolis it is now. To appreciate what is so unique about Atlanta, you need to know a little about its recent history.

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Atlanta was the hub of the 1960’s civil rights movement, being the home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and many of the leaders of the movement.So, while the rest of the south was tainted with the brush of racial prejudice, Atlanta, with its progressive politics and legacy as the birthplace of the civil rights movement, attracted immigrants from all over the States and other nations and became an economic powerhouse and a global city.  It is called the city “too busy to hate.”

What’s so Surprising – and so Cool – about Atlanta

That Atlanta is such a quintessentially southern city but with such a global feel that this sophistication is what is most surprising to visitors, TALK Atlanta students being no exception.  Atlanta has the friendliness and warmth associated with southerners and southern hospitality.  And yet it is also a major center for global commerce, tech, transportation, education, finance, education, media, entertainment, and art.

Atlanta is situated amongst rolling hills and with dense tree coverage, which is why it’s called “the city in a forest.” Our students were surprised by the great natural beauty in the city and surrounds. The most surprising things about Atlanta? See below:

about atlanta

    Tallulah Falls, Georgia

  • There has a lot of activities to do
  • People are friendly
  • There is a good environment
  • There is a lot of art
  • The transportation is good
  • The weather is comfortable
  • The nature is beautiful e.g. Stone Mountain
  • There are lots of festivals and concerts around town
  • Lots of movies are made here!
  • It’s a diverse city

Students couldn’t say enough about Atlanta – and it’s totally understandable considering its unique and central place in American history, politics, and culture.

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