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When traveling to Boston for study at the TALK English Schools, it is important that you create an international student travel checklist before commencing to ensure you are fully prepared when you reach your destination. Below are the simple steps you can take to help prepare yourself for a safe trip to the USA.


When travelling to the US, you need to ensure your passport and travel documents are up to date and all in order. Students international student checklist
planning on studying overseas may require a student passport when entering the country. If you plan to work while you are here it may require you to have a working visa. Always check with your travel agent, at the airport, or at the passport office to ensure you have the correct documents for your trip. Photocopying or even taking a good photo of your documents and passport is also a good idea.


Because of the terrorism threats in these days, it is always best to check whether any travel warnings have been issued for your particular destination – e.g. Boston or stops enroute to your destination. This is a cautionary but necessary tip to ensure you feel safe traveling at all times.


If you are planning to drive in the USA you will need to obtain an International Driving Permit. Because it is illegal to drive without a license and car insurance in most areas, it is best you check at your local road and traffic authority offices, or you could enquire at your U.S. Government embassy or consulate about what needs to be done to obtain your international driving permit.


Before you travel, it is important that you know and understand the exchange rate between your country’s currency and that of the United States – that is, the dollar. In some instances you may need to see your bank or credit card company to notify them you are travelling to America to help with changing currency. Traveler’s checks, major credit cards or debit cards that can be used in other countries are the better option over cash which can be easily stolen or lost. It is also a good idea that you check where you are going to be staying to see what form of payment they accept.

International student checklistVACCINATIONS

When traveling to a new country, it is best to check to see whether you need to have any vaccines. This is for your sake, and for that of the country you are visiting, as you may be carrying a virus or disease that is not known there. Different countries have different illness and diseases, so check with your local doctor or an international vaccine clinic to get your shots before travelling to Boston, or anywhere else.


International student travelers making their way to cities such as Boston should also read up to inform themselves about the laws and customs and general way of life in the USA. You do not want to break the law just because you were not aware of different legal rules than in your country, and suffer any inconvenience or even trauma as a result. For example, know the drinking and driving age and related laws.

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