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This is the time of your life.  It’s your first extensive trip abroad as an adult, alone and it’s a time of adventure and discovery.  We have talked about good preparation practice for your trip such as learning a few words of your new language, researching your new city, etc. Great practical advice! But, if you are to enjoy your new surroundings, you first need to feel secure and safe. Let’s explore the ways in which you can create that sense of security.  These measures will ensure that your experience is an enriching one, and that will make you want to travel more!

How to make this the time of your life!

To make this study abroad experience a wonderful adventure filled with awesome memories and new friendships, your lifestyle should be one in which your basic needs and your higher needs are met.  By ‘basic needs’ we mean certain physiological needs – Food, Water, Warmth, Rest – and safety needs, that is, Security and Safety.  Then there are the higher needs which must be met according to psychologist Maslow.  These are Love/Belonging,  Self-Esteem, Self-Actualization.  How do we do this?

Maslow pyramid

Safety and Security:

  1. create a safe, homely living space
  2. stick to your budget
  3. manage your health
  4. have your prescription meds to last the entire time of your study abroad time
  5. pay attention to your nutrition
  6. exercise

Love/Belonging, Self-Esteem, Self-Actualization

  1. stay in touch with home
  2. reach out to you new classmates and others
  3. go exploring in your free time
  4. try new things – listen to new music, try new food, open your mind, get out of your comfort zone
  5. create friendships
  6. participate in both class and extra-classroom activities
  7. accept that not everything goes according to plan

If you take these tips to heart while studying abroad, you will have the best time of your life!

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