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Many of us can relate to the agony of waiting. Whether it be the dentist’s waiting room or the waiting room of a salon where you’re staring at your stylist make the finishing touches to the person who is right before you. Just as you think they’re done and you’re next, the stylist thinks of something else to do to their hair, sinking you further into the waiting room chair…

But not Sarah, TALK English Schools Atlanta student. It was 8 days before her family event, she went to the hair salon with her aunt, both planning for a great glamour shot at the party. She became lost in magazines noting hair styles and the emphasis on beauty being measured by hair. Sarah came into school on Monday with noticeably shorter hair. School staff was shocked because she had long thick hair down to her waist.

Sarah and her new haircut

When commenting her on her hair cut, she shared with us about her decision to donate her hair to Locks Of Love in West Palm Beach, FL. While engulfed in a magazine, she noticed an add that would change the way she viewed beauty.

“Hair is overrated, you can be beautiful the way you are. You don’t have to have straight, or curly hair or long hair. Beauty comes from inside.”

Did you plan this, was this something you had always wanted to do?

“It was impulsive, it was a crazy idea… you know I’m like that. I thought, I’m healthy and my hair can grow so why not!”

She wanted to do something to help the kids, something that would make them smile. She doesn’t know if all her hair will go towards one wig or several, but even one was enough for her to go through with the chop. Next stop was the post office to ship her hair to Florida. Within a week’s time, Sarah received a phone call from Locks of Love thanking her for her donation!

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