Catia Madrid’s Best Things about TALK San Francisco

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Catia Madrid has lots to say about the best things about TALK San Francisco.

Catia attends TALK San Francisco at its current location on the NDNU Campus in Belmont.  She is happy she had this American campus experience while she learned English.

Says Catia:

best things about san francisco

Catia Madrid

“My experience at TALK has been very good. TALK SF is located on NDNU campus in Belmont that gives the students the opportunity to experience the life of an American student, also to participate in activities that the university offers as games, lectures, etc. The area is very safe and close to San Francisco and important cities in the Silicon Valley at Palo Alto where you can visit Stanford University, which is one of the top universities in the world plus all the technology companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple, and many startups.”

Despite being outside of the city itself, Catia, from Brazil, found the public transportation efficient and quick and it was easy to get to do things in San Francisco itself.

Best Things About San Francisco: the Academics, the   Friendships and the City Itself!

One of the best things about my experience here was that the university campus offered me the ability to mix and socialize with American students. Catia felt she benefited from this unique opportunity to practice English pretty consistently throughout her study period. TALK San Francisco’s approach to learning English both inside the classroom and outside through cultural immersion also accelerated Catia’s acquisition of English language skills.

“I came to TALK to improve my English to be able to communicate better in the US and plan for my Master in Special Education. I’m taking much more than learning English. I’m making friends from all over the world. Learning about their background, culture, etc. It’s like you are traveling to many other countries without being there physically.” explains Catia.

About the academic program TALK English Schools offers, Catia has this to say:

“The staff and teachers make everyone feel welcome and are always ready to help you when you need. My current teacher is Ms. Katelyn, who is an amazing teacher, very well trained, and a good friend. She makes the class as a big team working together, supporting each other in a very relaxed environment. I’m very glad I’m having the chance to have her as my teacher.”

Catia has been a fantastic student and so interested in being involved in all the activities as well as furthering her academic career. “I think if you are looking for a place to improve your English and make good friends, what is very important when you are far away from your country, TALK is a good place to choose.”

best things about

A lake in Golden Gate Park with pedal boats

Asked what she thought is the absolute best thing about her time here, Catia said she would miss riding across the Golden Gate Bridge and the Golden Gate Park, home to ten lakes within the more than 1,000 acres of land – a recreational wonder that attracts visitors and residents alike.

“Without hesitation, it’s Golden Gate Bridge/Park because I think it is gorgeous and the view of the nature, the mountains and hills and ocean are unique!”

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