TALK Student Testimonial: Inae Son’s lovely time in San Francisco

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Inae Son came from Korea to improve her English skills in the United States, made friends for life and fell in love with our potluck parties with food from all around the world! Check out what she has shared about her experience at TALK English Schools San Francisco.

How did you hear about TALK?

I found out by myself. I was looking to study English more efficiently.

What courses did you take at TALK? What are your favorite things about the courses?

I took General English (part-time). I was able to study systematic English in a short time.

If your friends asked you about TALK, what 3 things would you say to them?

I would say to them “best teachers”, “good friends” and “perfect learning environment”.

What is your favorite American expression, idiom or slang you’ve learned while in the US?

“Pay it forward”.

What’ your favorite part of the city? What was your favorite activity you did while studying at TALK?

My favorite parts of the city are Golden Gate Bridge and Pier 39. My favorite activities were the potluck parties.

Would you recommend TALK to your friends or family? Why?

Of course, because TALK was really helpful to me. I will never regret this choice in my life. I gained invaluable experience and people who I couldn’t trade for anything. I will never forget TALK. I’m sure TALK will be a good choice for them.

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