How Tech Gives Back to San Francisco

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Tech loves San Francisco and strives to prove it with a strong culture in which tech gives back to the city.  Companies big and small encourage volunteerism, corporate giving, and community outreach programs.  Sure, there’s some great PR ink to be had in all this heart, but heart it is!

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San Francisco Based Tech Gives Back

Here are some of the tech companies making a difference in San Francisco:

Salesforce is a great example of how tech gives back.  It supports education programs and nonprofits around the block and around the globe.  The company allows employees additional time off specifically for volunteering… Salesforce was a major sponsor of the recent “Band Together Bay Area” benefit concert whose proceeds are going to help rebuild the areas devastated by the ‘North Bay’ fires.  Salesforce also has an ongoing collaboration with the San Francisco Unified School District to support and encourage creativity in the classroom.

Learn more about how Salesforce gives back here.

Genentech prides itself on its local giving.  Employees are empowered to choose who they help, and how they help them.  The company matches cash donations up to $2,000 a year, and volunteer time (computed at $10 an hour) up to $300.  If someone wants to mentor students, clean up a beach, or take cancer survivors on an outing, Genentech has their back.

Learn more about Genentech’s volunteer programs here.

LinkedIn has ‘LinkedIn for Good’, their program to open doors to opportunity.  LinkedIn’s programs serve veterans, refugees, and students, aiming to educate, mentor careers, and offer guidance to navigate partnership programs.

Learn more about LinkedIn’s giving here.

Twitter headquarters is directly across the street from their San Francisco centric, ‘Neighborhood Nest’, a learning center for San Franciscans of all ages.  Some of the ‘Nest’ offerings are: basic computing classes, housing search workshops, and coding for kids.

Learn more about how Twitter gives back here.

The tech industry attracts people who care about the world.  Most tech companies have “improving the world” as part of their mission statement—maybe their focus is ending hunger, providing access to clean water, or education, but any opportunity to make a difference is embraced.

San Francisco based tech companies and start-ups love the city and leap at the chance to make it better for everyone living there.


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