IELTS Test in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

 In TALK Schools

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most popular and accepted English proficiency test and an important step for those who want to advance their studies in an American or Canadian university or get a job and live in the United States or Canada. Managed by major international organizations such as the British Council, IELTS Australia and the Cambridge Assessment English, it is trusted by over 10,000 organizations. If you are in Santo Domingo, you can take the test in your town.

TALK English Schools is an official IELTS test center and offers test dates at its schools in Davie/Fort Lauderdale and Atlanta. In addition, TALK offers two off-site tests under the administration of TALK Davie/Fort Lauderdale: one in Miami Beach, Florida, US and another in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

You do not need to leave the Dominican Republic to take your IELTS test! The tests will take place on March 2nd and on June 1st, 2019 for both Academic and General Training at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Santo Domingo.

Contact us to find out more and submit your IELTS registration on the IELTS website. Be sure to select the correct test type and date, as well as selecting TALK’s Santo Domingo off-site center.

Check out our website for all the important information about the IELTS test.

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