8 of the Hottest San Francisco Start-Ups for 2018

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In selecting these San Francisco start-ups, we are talking about those start-ups which are headquartered here, have impressive funding, and are filling a need in the marketplace.

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8 San Francisco start-ups and why they’re important to you!                                      


Slack is essentially a cloud-based work chat app.  They launched in 2014 and has grown faster than any other business application.  100 companies in over 100 countries already use Slack to connect employees and provide them with the right services and resources to get the job done.

*also check out Crew


Pivotal ‘teaches’ software developers at tech companies to be more creative, efficient, and thoughtful in their design. Pivotal also provides the tech and tools to make the job super easy.

Holberton School     

Holberton isn’t a heavyweight…yet, but it is an amazing start-up!  A school, open to anyone for a 2-year college-alternative education program to become a full-stack engineer.  Students learn through a project-based program with mentors who help ensure real-world challenges, and current issues drive the curriculum.  Oh, and there’s no tuition!  You pay the program back by giving 17% of your pay for 3 years after graduation.


Ok, so a software that helps online merchants get paid and track those payments doesn’t sound new, but what if it was easy to use, and worked with and for everyone?  Yassss!


HackerOne is a tech security company employing hackers who’ll break your company to fix it.  Security is now, or certainly should be, on every CEO’s mind.


Lever is a headhunter for tech talent, run by tech talent.

*also check out Gigster


Segment tracks customer data from all the platforms they use, and integrates it to provide seamless customer care and contact, marketing, analytics…you name it.


Plenty bills itself as, “the future of agriculture”.  Plenty helps farmers use tech to grow food ‘inside on vertical racks’—when I hear this I think marijuana.  I’m sure it will be used for food of all sorts, but the expanded legalization of marijuana and the widespread acceptance of the medicinal uses of CBD oil, ensure the continued success of this start-up.

San Francisco has become home to many brand name tech companies, and new companies appear on the market every day.  These 8 San Francisco start-ups all have promising futures because they are either improving upon an existing product or answering a need in the market.  There are, of course, so many more out there—check out Business Insider’s picks, and GeekWire and Wired magazine’s predictions for the future.






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