20 Weird Wonderful Things to do in San Francisco

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There are so many sights and attractions awaiting you in San Francisco.  Of course, you should walk or bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, take a historic tour, and ride a cable car, but there are so truly weird and wonderful things to do in San Francisco that may not be on “TripAdvisor”, and I advise you not to miss them!

to do in san francisco

Mural in Capp St in San Francisco Mission District

Unusual Things to do in San Francisco

  1. The Cathedral of St. Mary’s Don’t miss this architectural wonder, with its eye-catching modern design, and which is an acoustic wonder…Pope John Paul II celebrated mass here when he visited San Francisco in 1987
  2. Mission Delores Cemetery Founded in Oct. of 1776 the mission itself is historic, but the beautifully restored grounds of the cemetery are fantastic, and some of the first Californians are buried here along with notables the grave markers date from 1830-1898
  3. Alcatraz at night  Sure, the prison island is worth a daytime visit, but there is something otherworldly and eerie about being here at night
  4. The Wave Organ “A wave activated sculpture on a jetty in the San Francisco Bay” yup!
  5. Seward Street Slides Designed by a 114-year-old Kim Clark, to win a competition hosted by sculptor Ruth Asawa— bring your own cardboard for sliding on;)
  6. Magowan’ Infinite Mirror Maze Just 5$ with regular Groupon specials, this is ‘stay as long as you want’ super psychedelic fun
  7. Coit Tower murals You know you’re supposed to look at the outside of the Coit Tower because it’s an icon, but waiting inside are murals hand-painted in 1934 that depict the San Francisco of the day
  8. Secret tiled staircase On Moraga between 15th and 16th Street, this is a local beautification project that as it turns out is a smashing success
  9. Filbert Street steps Yes, more stairs!  The Filbert Street steps take you along the steepest street in San Francisco, but an amazing view and the famous parrots await you at the top
  10. to do in san franciscoCamera Obscura Based on a 15th century design by Da Vinci, this wonder allows for views you won’t experience anywhere else
  11. Clarion Alley Mural art that has supported over 500 artists so far—CAMP, Clarion Alley Mural Project Showcases two of San Francisco’s strengths, imagination and vision
  12. Musee’ Mecanique Art of an older, creepier varietyJ
  13. The Gregangelo Museum A fantastical, whimsical experience—be certain to do the labyrinth
  14. Sing along at the Castro Theater You think you won’t like this, then it’s all you’ll talk about
  15. Peep Hole Cinema I hope this is still around!  Short silent films you watch through a peephole—all over in public spaces
  16. Golden Gate Fortune Cookie this is a factory you can tour—a hidden gem in Chinatown
  17. Escape Room This is just like your escape room game apps, but you play for real!
  18. The LSD Museum An ode to the acid era in the Mission District
  19. Pillow Fight with Strangers Put it on your calendar for next year–feathers will fly!
  20. Big Wheel Easter Race AND…get ready to ride your own Big Wheel in this winner take all race Vermont Street at 20th

Take a walk on the weird side and make sure some of these sights make you Must Do list of things to do in San Francisco!


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