Why Study Abroad

 In College Life

Thousands of people every year leave their homes and countries to learn English in the USA. Students of TALK English Schools can expect to benefit from our schools’ excellent teaching and resources as well as their location in some of the great cities in the U.S.A.

Benefits of Studying Abroad

Surrounded By The English Language: When studying abroad you have the benefit of learning English faster because you are surrounded by people who are native speakers and speak the language fluently. English is the primary language in the USA and you will be able to hear it everywhere you go – on the streets, on TV, in stores and restaurants. Why Study Abroad

See the World Through New Eyes: Traveling to a new country is a great way of seeing the world and opening your eyes to a new culture. Students see different ways of doing things as well and gain an understanding that though we might have different cultural ways, languages and traditions, we are all the same and are linked by our common humanity. You will be able to make new and exciting friends from all walks of life, and from many corners of the globe.

Learn to be More Independent:Living and studying abroad can also help you become more independent, and you will have the opportunity to do and see many things that would not be possible or available in your home country. For some students, it may be the first time they have tried to cook a meal for themselves, or to clean their rooms or apartment, buy groceries, wash their own clothes, schedule their time, organize transportation. They may for the first time be required to set up accounts at banks, for utilities and cell phones. Students return home as much more mature individuals and, to their family’s pride and joy, capable of being independent and successful adults.

 Make Lifetime Memories: During your time abroad you will make for yourself many wonderful memories, and be able to relive them with whatever you have chosen to bring home as souvenirs, in pictures, and journals. New friends and staying in touch with them will reinforce those special memories that will last for the rest of your life.

How to Ensure the Best Study-Abroad Experience

Expect Great Things: When you study abroad, set goals and be determined to see them through. By doing this, you can expect great things to happen in your life and your studies. Keeping track of your journey to your goal can be satisfactory and can show you and help you remember the steps you have taken to reach your goals.

Why Study AbroadExpect Stress: Research has shown that greater or lesser levels of stress experienced by international students are part of the natural process of adapting to the foreign culture that exists in a new country. When looking to study abroad understand beforehand that the stress of moving to another country, getting use to new customs, cultures, and homesickness is completely normal. Expecting stress can help to minimize the impact of it on your life. Some of the feelings that students studying abroad may feel are depression, anxiety, and an overwhelming feeling of frustration. To help reduce stress, breath in and out slowly, talk to a sympathetic staff member, teacher or fellow student. Think positive, and try to get out and do healthy gentle outdoors activities like taking a walk.

Remember Things Change: Over your study period try to remember that life is ever-changing, and that the people, places you love – and even you – change.  That things happen which are beyond your control but that still may affect you – some natural disaster, or even some really wonderful event. Societies and circumstances are always changing. Your little sisters and brothers will be more grown-up and quite different when you return home, and your parents may seem older.   It is best to go with the flow and realise that life around you will be different as time goes on.

Change Perception: When traveling abroad you may have in mind of what should happen and how it should unfold. Unfortunately life isn’t set in stone, and it is best to go into your new journey with an open mind so that if life does present you with an unexpected event situation, you will be ready for it and be able to deal with it in a clear and practical frame of mind.


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