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“When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.” ― G.K. Chesterton

At TALK we have always espoused the value and importance of immersive learning. Specifically, we have long believed that learning a language is best achieved within a cultural context that fosters engagement with the language. For us this means that in person, on location teaching and learning has never been something we’ve taken for granted. That said, the tumultuous and “unprecedented” problems presented by the Covid-19 pandemic have made us even more grateful for a host of reasons unique to our school. That’s why we are grateful that as of January 2021 we will be reopening our schools and welcoming students back into the classroom!

While our online classes have been successful, largely driven by the determination and dedication of our brilliant staff and teachers, we are now more than ever convinced that immersive experiential learning is critical for a fully orbed grasp of the language. As we do so we’ll most certainly be taking the technological (and other!) lessons from this experience with us as we return to classroom learning.

We are well aware that despite the opening up of businesses and venues across the country and indeed the world, the Covid-19 virus will continue to present a danger. Indeed, both national and international public health officials, have advised that the virus will be with us for some time, despite the mammoth speed at which they are working towards a vaccine.

TALK will be implementing safety guidelines in accordance with both national and local guidelines. These will include hand sanitizing, temperature checks, masks, and physical distancing as far as reasonably possible in classroom settings. In some instances (e.g. where you have travelled from a region with particularly high level of Covid-19) we may also require some students to demonstrate a negative test before beginning their lessons. Whatever the case you can be assured that, with your assistance and cooperation, we will prioritize the safety of both our staff and students.

So, as we head into the Christmas season, preparing for next year’s intake, we take nothing for granted! Instead we are grateful for your support during this time! We are grateful for this season that has stretched us as an organisation and revealed new strengths. We are grateful for each other – for our teachers and staff who have persevered despite their own personal difficulties, and for you our students who have been patient and gracious in support. Thank-you!

TALK will be issuing more guidelines in the coming weeks as we get more directives from government officials. But if you would like to find out more and be kept informed about developments and necessary requirements, contact us here.

Happy Holidays!




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