The Most Popular American Holidays In The USA

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Throughout the year America holds many celebrations for a variety of holidays that have significant meaning for American Holidays many people. The following are the most popular American holidays which really do make America what it is today.

New Year’s Day – January 1

New Year’s Day is a celebration of the New Year. People usually celebrate with parties, fireworks, and family gatherings to bring in the New Year.

Martin Luther King Day – Third Monday in January

Martin Luther King Day is a holiday which celebrates civil rights leader Martin Luther King.

Valentine’s Day – 14th of February

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of St Valentines. People celebrate this holiday by giving loving gifts to those they love.

Presidents Day – Third Monday in February

Presidents day is to honor the previous presidents of the USA. Many stores generally feature many great sales throughout the day.

St Patrick’s Day – March 17

St Patrick’s Day is generally celebrated by those who have an Irish background. People tend to dress up in green on this day.

April Fools Day – April 1

Although not really a holiday, April fools day is a day where people play harmless tricks and pranks on those around them in innocent fun.

Good Friday

Good Friday is a day that commemorates the crucifix and death of the Lord Jesus Christ. It always falls on a Friday.American Holidays


Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Today it is celebrated with Easter eggs, Easter egg hunts and more. It is celebrated the Sunday after Good Friday.

Mother’s Day second Sunday in May

Mother’s Day is a celebration to acknowledge mothers. It generally entails gifts and cards given to mothers to say ‘I love you’ and ‘thank you’ for everything they have done for their children.

Memorial Day – Last Sunday in May

Memorial Day commemorates those who served, fought and died for America in the Wars. The Indi 500 race is usually held on this day.

Father’s Day – Third Sunday In June

Father’s Day is a celebration and acknowledgement of fathers. Children generally send cards and gifts to fathers on this day to say ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’.

Independence Day 4th of July

Independence Day celebrates the independence of America from Britain in 1779. It is a very important day and is celebrated by fireworks, parades, picnics, and more.

Labor Day – First Monday in September

Labor Day commemorates the working traditions of Americans. Many people travel this weekend because it is a long weekend.

Halloween – October 31st

More of a festival than holiday, Halloween is a day where people can dress up and scare people. This is a day that celebrates the dead. Many people carve faces in pumpkins and trick or treat around neighbourhoods

Veterans Day – November 11

Veteran Day is a day that honors the veterans who served in the wars.

Thanksgiving – Fourth Thursday in NovemberAmerican Holidays

Thanksgiving is a holiday which gives thanks to those around you. It is based from pilgrims giving thanks to Native Americas when they helped them survive the harsh winters by showing them how to catch and grow their food. People normally celebrate this holiday with making large feasts and reunite with families.

Christmas – December 25

Christmas is celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is the biggest festival for Christians throughout the whole year. Christmas is highly commercialized and is now celebrated by giving gifts, cooking large meals, spending time with family, and putting up Christmas lights.







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