Wacky Christmas Wish Lists

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These next days up to Christmas, as we are headed to the mall to splash out on nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters, armed with wish-lists from the younger members of family and friends, the contrast between the older and younger generation could not be starker.
The older members of the family luckily are, after all, resigned to only having their annual quota of scented soaps or pairs of socks to which to look forward.

Christmas Lists for the Young

For the younger folk however, Christmas is a time of receiving, and for many that means receiving BIG.  There is nothing that focuses the mind like presents, and therefore every effort is put into compiling that complete, clear, comprehensive list. There can be no misunderstandings or omissions.  (Don’t you wish that happened with the homework?)

Yes, they are very picky, fussy and know exactly what they want.  And better pay attention – or expect tears, tantrums, sulks and all those scenarios. Here are some more unusual requests – but, then, what can we expect from the mouths of babes but the unexpected?  Have a fun Holiday Season!

Simple request

Simple request


Another devoted pet owner: "My dog Shackleton would like a squirrel to eat"

Another devoted pet owner: “My dog Shackleton would like a squirrel to eat”

A list from a boy about both his and his guinea pig’s deepest wishes

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