A paradox describes a figure of speech which, although seeming to make no sense and being self-contradictory, does contain an element of truth. paradox noun A paradox is a statement that [...]

irony vs sarcasm

Aaah, irony! Irony underpins college student humor.  It is the official millennial/hipster state of mind and dominates much of the humor in this generation’s movies, songs and books. Irony [...]

Travel blogs

When it comes to writing a travel blog there are many different things that any TALK international student should consider on order to make their blog unique and interesting. Here are some tips [...]


A euphemism is a word or a phrase which when replaced by another word, removes the statement’s potential to hurt feelings or cause embarrassment, and instead replaces it with a word which [...]


Understatement is used to convey that something is less important than it really is. It is often used ironically when the opposite of this response is more appropriate and in fact what you are [...]

Spiritual life

For some TALK International students, spirituality and/or religion make up for a necessary and important part of their lives. When entering a new country our students may find it hard to find [...]


Antithesis – quite a mouthful of a word. It is a figure of speech used in a single sentence in which a  person, a characteristic or a thing is stated to be the direct opposite of something [...]