Your Decision to Study English in the USA: A Checklist

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The first part of your study abroad plan involves a lot of research, and luckily in the age of the internet, this can be done very effectively by browsing English schools, city, student travel and official government websites.  There is all checklistthe information you need here.  Secondly, many of the English school websites are interactive and so you can ask questions of sales team members or customer relations by messaging, calling as well as emailing.

As you do your research for the best school to study English in the USA, draw up a checklist and tick off tasks as you complete them.  We have created a checklist template for your, with the most important areas to cover in your research. This list is available to download in our e-Guide: How to Study English in the USA.

TALK Checklist to Help you with your English School Choice!


study in the usa checklistCan you think of anything to add to the checklist? Let us know!

You will need other lists as you get further along with your plans.  All those documents you need and the process you have to follow for your student visa requires a checklist.  And, later comes the most exciting part of your pre-departure plans – your packing list!  For now, though, you’ve come a long way to realizing your dream of studying in the USA.

Download now our e-Guide and start planning your trip to study in the USA with our special checklist!




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