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For international students for whom English is not their native language, university placement means a Conditional Acceptance at a university, the condition being that you will achieve university-level English proficiency. This process allows you to plan your academic future; first your English studies and then university studies.

A University Placement Testimonial from TALK Miami Beach

university placement

                                                  Gloria Lavezzo

Gloria Lavezzo of Rovigo, Italy never thought her life would change when she came to study at TALK Miami Beach. With the help of fantastic teachers, English practice and after completing Level 9 at the school, Gloria was accepted at Atlantis University and is studying for her MBA there.

Gloria enroled for the University Placement program through TALK English Schools which partners with UniStudy USA to handle our student placement.

“The UniStudy program at TALK Miami Beach changed my life. The application process was easy, and I didn’t need to take the TOEFL in order to go to the university.”

“Since I arrived in Miami, I’ve really gotten to know myself. I’ve made both American and international friends, and the English I learned at TALK is still useful for me at the university.”

After her MBA program, Gloria plans to relocate to California to further explore the United States and continue her incredible journey.

How TALK  can assist you with University Placement

The US Higher Education system is recognized as the world leader, attracting the best students from around the world. It is large, complex and difficult to understand for American and foreign students alike.

This is where we can help you.

TALK’s official university placement service,  UniStudyUSA, handles your student placement requirement.  We will help students find schools and programs that are right for them based on their educational background, budget, and academic and professional goals.  Some of the schools we work with offer conditional admission which means students apply and are accepted under the condition they meet the English requirement by completing a course at TALK.

TALK’s UniStudyUSA university placement program partners with 50 institutions, from which qualifying students can choose to further their academic careers.  These partner institutions include some of the nation’s best community colleges, public universities, and graduate programs.

Most of our partner universities will accept your completion of the TALK high-advanced level as meeting your English proficiency requirement for university whereas the others will require an appropriate TOEFL® or IELTS™ score.

Please visit our website for more information or contact us at+ 1-954-666-8096 or email

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