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In October TALK launched a new Professional Development Business Course. This course had been in the works at TALK for some years. So despite the challenges presented by COVID-19 restrictions we are grateful that we were able to go ahead and launch. We started by introducing the CLEP® Principles of Management online course, which is tailored to offer students a comprehensive introduction to the practice of management through the lens of organizational behavior.

Students in our online PDP course

Led by Sandra Falcon, a seasoned Business English teacher, students analyze real Harvard business cases and learn to develop a holistic approach to real life dilemmas. Our virtual classroom enjoys dynamic discussions amongst students, conversations with invited guests and participation of student working professionals from diverse global backgrounds.

After the completion of this course, the students can take the CLEP exam and if they earn a satisfactory score, they can approach their selected college to request credits which often correspond to a one-semester course.

Here are some more frequently asked questions about this Professional Development Course.

What courses can I study with this Professional Development Program (PDP)?

As part of our PDP we offer Marketing, Management, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Business Law, and Information Systems. Find our more information about each course here.

How long is each course?

Each course is approximately 6 to 7 weeks, depending on the course.

Which TALK location offer this program?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions this offering is only available online but as soon as we reopen, in accordance with national and local directives, we will teach this course in our Aventura, Boston and San Francisco School locations.

What is the difference between TALK English Schools Business English and this PDP courses?

TALK’s Business English Course is still part of our wider and general ESL courses, whereas, our PDP courses are actually university level Business courses, for which you can potentially earn credits for (see questions below).

Could I get those courses evaluated and transferred to a university if I decide to get a higher education degree?

Yes, if you take the CLEP test (www.clep.collegeboard.org). Then it will be up to the university to decide how many units they would accept

Where can I get more information about course description, pricing, and start dates?

Click here if you’d like to get more information about this course.  You can also contact Rosario Sanchez at rosario.s@talk.edu.

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