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Many students of English as a Second Language are focusing on learning Business English  as a part of General English studies.  This is because learning how to speak and use English will give you the edge in the world of business which is now globalized, interconnected and in which English is the primary language of communication. What distinguishes Business English from General English is business vocabulary. Specialized business vocabulary is essential in the business world if you are to understand complicated financial transactions and contracts, participate in business conferences, negotiations and meetings, or even comprehend articles in international business magazines and newspapers.

How to Build your Business Vocabulary

A great way of identifying the most important business words and phrases to learn, is to read, watch and listen to business news, whether in business newspapers and magazines, or on TV and radio. Make notes of the words you do not understand and learn the meaning of the words and the context in which the words are being used.

Set yourself a target of how many new business words to learn each day.

Use these words in conversation with Business English classmates, with English native speakers in the business world and in your daily English conversation.

Here are some English words which come up a lot in the business world.  Although they may be used in the non-business world, you need to understand how they are used in a business context.

Organize (verb)

Business runs efficiently on good organization, on planning, on systems, so this word is very commonly used in business.

Sample sentence: We need to organize our next Staff Sales Meeting.

Expand (verb)

Successful business is about growth and expansion.

Sample sentence:  The company plans to expand its Digital Marketing Division.

Clause (noun)

This is a term used in business law and contracts.

Sample sentence: We need to add this as a clause in the contract.

Null and void (phrase)

This means that a document or clause is invalid and has no legal force.

Sample sentence:  The store closed so our contract with them is null and void.

Competitor (noun)

A business competitor is one that is in the same business as yours and competes for your market.

Sample sentence:  We are performing much better than our competitors in Hong Kong.

Invoice (noun)

This is an itemized bill listing goods and services sold, with prices per unit and total amount owed.

Sample sentence: I have emailed you the invoice for last month’s laundry services.

Trademark (noun)

Trademark is a registered name, symbol or logo used to represent a product or firm. No other business can use this without violating the law.

Sample sentence: MacDonald’s “Golden Arches,” is a trademark.

Agenda (noun)

An agenda is the matters to be discussed in a meeting or at an event, and the order in which they are to be discussed.

Sample sentence: Today’s agenda will include the recent strike at our Detroit plant.

These are just some of many words which have a specific meaning and usage in the business world.  English business vocabulary words are incredibly important if you want to perform effectively in today’s business environment.

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