Study Abroad Packing List – What NOT to Pack

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Studying abroad at the TALK English Schools in the USA can be an exciting and thrilling experience. There are many things you need to take with you and many things you don’t need to take. Here is a guide to what not to take for study abroad in another country.

Study Abroad Packing List – What Not to Take

We all know what to take on your travels but here is a list of things you could leave behind, can expect to find as part of your accommodation services, or you purchase in your host country.

  • Sheetspacking list
  • Blankets
  • Towels
  • Clothes hangers (much easier not to have to pack, and very inexpensive to buy in your host country)
  • Irreplaceable items you may want to bring to remind you of home (If these items – which may be either of great monetary and/or sentimental value to you – are lost, you really cannot replace them as their worth is in the memories and associations they evoke.)
  • Clothing which requires special care like dry cleaning, etc.
  • Clothing with patriotic images (One should try not to stand out as a foreigner or tourist in big cities as you can become a target for theft.)
  • Expensive jewelry (Although it may be tempting, wearing a lot of fine jewelry makes you an obvious target for theft.)
  • Seasonal clothing for the time of year you aren’t traveling abroad (Don’t bring winter clothes if you are studying through summer!)
  • Full size shampoos, conditioners, or deodorant. (Pack smaller versions, enough to get you to your host country. You can purchase larger ones from local supermarkets)
  • Hair appliances such as curlers, straightness, or blow dryers
  • Games
  • DVDsdream vacation
  • Food (When traveling through many airports customs, certain foods won’t be permitted due to national health and safety regulations.)
  • Lots of cash (Use cards instead of cash. Cash can be easily stolen.)
  • Lots of books.  Books are heavy. (1 or 2 books are fine but try to avoid taking too many. You should be able to borrow some from a local library in your host country, download books onto your tablet or laptop, etc.)


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