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TALK students preparing for college life may have certain expectations of what is supposed to happen and how life is played out based on movies, television, or comments from others that have visited the United States. They may also have fears which are specific to their perceptions about the U.S.A. which, although unfounded, feed their anxiety around the upcoming visit to the States. Here are some of the most common misperceptions and myths that go around about life for a foreigner in the USA – and a quick guide for prospective TALK students that will give you a more realistic picture of what to expect in college when studying in the USA.

Myth #1 International Students with Different Religions are not Female studentsWelcomed in the USA

Since the 9/11 tragedy, there is much concern among college students about whether international travelers are welcome in the USA. Despite the 9/11 events, America’s colleges and universities have always enjoyed and promoted diversity, tolerance and acceptance in their student body, and have been particularly welcoming to international students. All universities believe in freedom of education for everyone and they do not discriminate against any foreign student traveling from another country.

Myth #2 Americans have no Serious Religious Convictions

Contrary to the image portrayed in movies or on television, Americans actually regard  religion and spirituality as central to their individual and communal way of life.

American value cultural and religious diversity and freedom above all. Many communities and neighborhoods throughout the cities and towns of America are characterized by the numerous different religious centers, such as synagogues, mosques, temples and churches that cater for all belief systems.

Myth #3 Most Americans Live in Crime-Ridden Unsafe Citiescollege life

Many universities are located in the larger cities, and others may be located in suburban areas. The hype of crime-ridden America is widely exaggerated, and has been shaped by overly violent portrayals of the country in movies and television shows.  Like any other country, there is crime, but its incidence is actually very low and nothing at all like the portrayals in movies and television shows. By far the majority of Americans do not encounter criminality at all throughout their lives.

Myth #4 Students Party rather than Study

You may have all seen the movies where college students spend their time partying, but this doesn’t realistically portray campus life in the USA. Many students do enjoy their freedom outside of class, but when in college they are expected to deliver and meet the high standards that rigorous and excellent college academic programs demand.

Myth #5 American Universities/Colleges have Little Security or Privacy

Residence halls in university are safe, relatively inexpensive, and mostly very conveniently located. Dorms are frequently well furnished and equipped and provide a great accommodation experience for visiting students.  Universities know that some students may get up to mischief, and that is why you will sometimes see security personnel walking the campus and the residence halls. Campus security does an excellent job of maintaining security, and provide the sense of safety necessary for the  on-campus students’ well-being.

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