TALK English Schools Directors’ New Year Resolutions

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The end of each year is when we – as individuals and collectively – reflect on the past year’s accomplishments and create New Year resolutions for the year ahead.
Honoring this tradition, we decided to ask our TALK English Schools Directors to list some 2016 New Year resolutions for their respective English schools. They added some thoughts/assessments about their school’s performance in 2015, and some touching recollections.

TALK English Schools New Year resolutions: growth and acknowledging teacher contribution!

From Barbara Halwa at TALK Fort Lauderdale:

TALK English school director with graduate

Barbara with a graduating  TALK Fort Lauderdale student

“Our biggest accomplishment and highlight of 2015 was that we have prepared more students than ever for colleges and universities.  The teachers who teach our highest levels, as well as the preparation course teachers, have been very successful in getting students ready to pass the necessary English proficiency tests. Many students have already received their Acceptance letters and will be moving on to Universities e.g. Nova Southeastern, FIU, FAU and Broward College,” adding, “Special thanks go to Elissa in our UPS who has been very helpful in guiding students who had not decided on a specific university to find the right place for them.”
Asked about her New Year resolutions for 2016, Barbara answered:
“To continue this successful trend and are proud to be part of our student’s journey towards their future careers!”

Ken Jeffus, our Director of TALK Aventura, expressed thanks to the teachers and administrative staff who have

Ken Jeffus Talk english schools

Ken and his TALK Aventura staff

worked tirelessly to ensure that enrollments and referrals always reflect the most positive experience for our students.
For Ken, the most exciting part of 2015 was Beginning the construction on our new addition and first-class design and remodeling of our entire Center.
And what he wishes for the school in the New Year? “A solid commitment to continuing growth in 2016.” On a personal level, Ken’s resolution for 2016 is To do more for those less fortunate.

TALK English school graduation

TALK Miami’s Carola Segnini congratulating a student on her graduation

Carola Segnini who is the Director of TALK Miami (Brickell) was very upbeat about how productive 2015 has been for the school. In fact, says Carola, the Center is thriving and has surpassed its own ambitious goals for the year:  “It’s been a huge effort on our side but this wouldn’t have been possible without the support and continuous effort of our sales team, digital marketing initiatives and the leadership of our company.”
Carola recognizes how much the teachers contribute to the success of TALK English Schools.
“Our teachers have done a fantastic job this year as their academic surveys show; we’re really proud of them and they are extremely important to retain our students.  We wish to thank them all for their hard work and dedication in 2015.”
Carola’s New Year resolution for 2016?  “We’re focused on attracting more students mainly to our afternoon and evening schedules.”

Molly Ott with 2 of her students at TALK San Francisco

Molly Ott with 2 of her students at TALK San Francisco

Molly Ott, TALK San Francisco’s Director, is excited to welcome Eliot Friesen-Meyers as her Assistant Director in late 2015, saying “He comes with a wealth of knowledge and years of working with international students both as a teacher and administrator.”
Meanwhile, Eliot has taken up his role as Interim Director at the school while Molly takes maternity leave and, as he steers the school into the New Year, he acknowledged the importance of community connection for international students formed by the host-family program, and a resolution to increase this program.  Eliot expressed the gratitude for the teaching staff, saying this of the TALK San Francisco’s teachers:
“They are a true team—filling in for one another, providing various forms of support, and just enjoying a good laugh during the break.   Our students love them because they are knowledgeable, dedicated, and caring professionals.”
Eliot listed another New Year resolution as continuing to grow the TALK San Francisco programs, especially among the sizable ESL population in the San Francisco area.
He also mentioned the potential of the University Placement Service:

Eliot Friesen Meyers

Eliot Friesen-Meyers

“The San Francisco office is a hub for students hoping to improve their English proficiency en-route to further academic study at local colleges and universities.  We are inspired by all of our many students who use our program as a stepping stone to their dreams by achieving a great TOEFL score or passing our Level 9 test. “
Molly offered an inspiring story from 2015 about students – twins from Palestine – who began studying at TALK with limited English.
“They are both extremely motivated students and had always dreamed of studying in the US. They both studied extremely hard at TALK, worked their way through the levels, and utilized our university placement service – they are now excelling at NDNU. We are so proud of them. They check in at the TALK office to let us know how they are doing. It is such a joy to see them thriving and pursuing their dreams.”
She also had appreciative words for the teaching staff at TALK San Francisco: “I want to thank all of our amazing and dedicated teachers. They are what make TALK not only an exciting and interesting place to be every day, but also they are what make TALK the leading English school in the Silicon Valley Bay.”  For her 2016 resolution Molly wants to see the school continue to provide exceptional English language instruction and student services to each and every one of the students who walk through our door.She added a personal resolution: “To enjoy the new addition to my family.” J

jason TALK english school Miami Beach

Jason Daily (left) – TALK Miami Beach Director

Our newest school, TALK Miami Beach, has been growing at a great pace since it opened last year, and Director, Jason Daily has been thrilled to watch the center grow week by week with so many great students from interesting and diverse backgrounds.He has been inspired by the beginner level students who have such courage to come to the center, navigate the enrollment process, adjust to a new culture, and improve their English day by day.  You really see such an increase in their confidence.

Jason has been inspired by “the beginner level students who have such courage to come to the center, navigate the enrollment process, adjust to a new culture, and improve their English day by day.  You really see such an increase in their confidence.”
Jason also thanked his excellent and dedicated teachers:
“I would really like to thank the teachers because they put such a great effort each day into connecting with our students and helping them along their journey.”
For the school in 2016, Jason’s New Year resolution is to oversee continued growth and top scores on our academic and customer service metrics.
For himself? “I’d like to start learning a new language.  It seems Portuguese would be quite useful” J

Director TALK english school Atlanta

Allison Hill, TALK Atlanta with Assistant Director, Ricki, and students.

Alison Hill, our TALK Atlanta director added another inspiring story from the past year to the very many that can be told about student experiences at TALK:
“A woman from Venezuela started studying with us in 2013 in our Level 1, beginner class.  When she started, she could barely speak in English with any of the center staff, other than to say hello or goodbye.  She progressed through all of the levels at TALK Atlanta and towards the end of her enrollment with us in the middle of 2015, she informed us that for the first time ever since living in the US, she did not need an interpreter at a meeting she attended.  She spoke English the entire time and understand everything discussed in English.”
This makes us so proud of you and your excellent school, Alison!
Like all our schools’ directors, Allison is especially grateful for the fantastic teaching staff that are part of the TALK family and whose work and dedication is the core of our service. “I would like to thank the staff and teachers at TALK Atlanta for being such amazing people to work with.  Every day they come in with a smile, ready to work with the students and provide a great atmosphere in which to learn.”
In 2016, Allison’s New Year resolution is to see TALK Atlanta continue to grow, to continue to welcome students from around the world to study with us and become a part of our family.

Our very newest director, Nicole Barone, took up her position at TALK Boston in late 2015. She has settled in so

Nicole Baronne, our Director at TALK Boston English School

Nicole Barone, our Director at TALK Boston

ably and enthusiastically and it’s great to have you onboard, Nicole!
Nicole’s highlight of 2015: “The amazing family program in summer 2015. It was a great success!”
A student also stood out as an inspiring story for Nicole: “Julian Ortiz from Colombia. Julian started with TALK Boston in level 4 and is now in level 7 taking our TOEFL class. Julian also works with us as a student intern and has developed fantastic speaking skills. He has been able to join our team and has thrived here. Julian is an actor in Colombia and is able to use those abilities when interacting with the TALK Boston family. He plans to attend an acting college in the U.S. and use what he learned at TALK Boston to help with his success!”
Nicole paid tribute to TALK Boston’s assistant director, Patricia de Souza. “She has done so much for TALK over the past 5.5 years and her efforts are very much appreciated.”
Nicole is raring to get much accomplished at the school in 2016. The priority in her list of New Year resolutions? “Growth. We want to work in 2016 to bring more students to TALK Boston. Our school is beautiful and welcoming and we want more students to have the most amazing experience here! J

To our directors, thank you for your hard work and commitment in 2015, and to our staff members, teachers and students – the whole TALK English School family – thanks for a great year and we wish you ALL a Happy, Healthy and Fulfilling 2016! And may these New Year resolutions come true!

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