Those Vexacious Verbs

A verb is a necessary part of every sentence.  Every subject must have a verb. How do you recognize a verb? The 2 types of verbs The Action Verb An action verb tells what the subject of the [...]

Pay it Forward

The meaning of pay it forward ‘Pay it forward.’ You hear it everywhere, but what does it mean? Pay it forward is not a new idea, but in the last few years, it’s a buzzword and a huge [...]

Who vs. Whom

It is a common question about English rules and usage: who vs. whom. When do you use whom and who? Who vs. Whom – know when to use which pronoun Many native speakers do not know the usage [...]

Modal Verbs

Tenses work differently with modal verbs than with main verbs. Take the modal verb, “can”, meaning ability. “Can” can be used for the present or the future, but not the past. So you [...]