How to Choose Your Perfect English Course

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You’ve already made the first important choice in your educational journey by deciding to learn to speak English in the US.  Check!  Well done.  Now comes the equally important decision of your English course type.  There are some critical questions to ask yourself to be sure you’re choosing the perfect English course for you, and your English language goals.

Choosing your English Course: Questions to Ask Yourself

HINT!  When answering these questions be honest with yourself, and thoughtful in your answers.

  • choose your courseHow well do you currently speak, read, and write English?
  • Do you have particular areas of study that are more challenging than others?
  • How long will you be able to study in the US?
  • What are your academic goals?
  • Will you be taking an English proficiency test?
  • Will you be transitioning to an American university?
  • What are your professional goals?

Think Outside the Box

Once you’ve answered the above questions, take a look at the available courses and see if there’s one that’s just right.  No?  Well, that’s not a problem, sometimes things don’t fit off the rack—you can tailor your courses to suit your needs.  For example, by combining a Part-Time General English course with One on One classes you can improve your fluency while getting extra study time on your ‘problem areas’.  Maybe you hope to transition to an American university, an Exam Prep course simultaneous with an Intensive English course will have you feeling confident and prepared.

You’re unique, your English language course needs may be just as unique.  By taking the time to think about where your English skills are, and where you want to take them you can choose the course, or courses that best suit you.  Choosing the perfect ESL English course ensures that all your classroom time is moving you closer to your goals.

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