SAY WHAT? Forgetting Your English Language Skills

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You’re home from ESL abroad, and time has past.  You didn’t start that English language supper club you intended to, or take that online class you thought about.  There was a time during your English language study in the US when you DREAMT in English, now you struggle to remember words you thought you’d never forget!

It happens, life gets in the way, and your priorities shift.  Keeping your English language skills sharp is a commitment, but don’t blow it out of proportion.  A few minutes a day can be enough to get your learning back on track.  Refresh your language skills in the most convenient way possible.

Use Technology To Refresh Your English Language Skills

Free apps like Duolingo, or Memrise are a great way to reawaken your desire to learn English.  Pay attention to when and how often you use the apps to figure out whether investing in a course make for a good investment.  There’s a monthly charge, but you’ll be able to speak live with native English speakers.

Find what really works for you.  The reason your language skills faded in the first place was because you couldn’t carve out the time you thought you needed.  Remember why you studied ESL in the first place.  Was it for your career?  Travel?  Personal growth?  If your reasons are still compelling you owe it to yourself to recommit.  Refresh your English language skills using the methods that are easiest and most effective for you.

You may need a carrot.  A reward for keeping your learning on track.  If you studied for your career perhaps there’s a promotion that comes with an improved skill level.  If you studied for travel maybe you want to go to another English speaking country on holiday.

Studying ESL abroad was a great choice, even if you feel like you somehow didn’t make the most of it because you’ve forgotten your newfound language skills.  News flash, you’re human.  Speaking English is a new skill for you, which means it’s something additional to your everyday life.  Figuring out how to work keeping your ESL skills sharp may take some thought, but it’s worth it.

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