Creating Word Lists as a Way to Expand your Vocabulary

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Word lists are a fantastic way to build your vocabulary.  We know that everyone loves a list! The word lists that are designed to expand your vocabulary are found in abundance on the internet.  List building exercises are usually around particular themes or subjects.

How to Use Word Lists

vocabulary word listsMany English language learners find that a good way to learn words is by using word lists that group subjects or ideas into separate areas.  Many words are related to one another based on the theme or topic in which are used. Topics can be anything that you choose, and since the TALK English language learner has a specific purpose for being in the United States and learning English here, they will also have certain interests, objectives for which they need a particular word grouping.  This is where word lists by topic enter the picture.

The website has a useful section on word lists and how to group words in a list by topic.   The ESL student can select a general topic or subject area which she would like to be more conversant on, and identify, understand and learn the words associated with the topic.

For example, the list under the title “Family Members” provides nuclear or core family member names, such as mother, father, son, daughter, sister as well as words for relationships between family members, such as siblings for a brother and sister, etc.  Different generations, relatives, extended family and other family terms are included in the grouping.

word lists

Examples of other subject areas for building your word lists which are covered include daily routines, when at a restaurant, fruit, places in the city and types of business or jobs. Word lists can be also created about synonyms, antonyms, spelling exceptions, root-words from other languages, anything you choose!

Whether it is building a vocabulary or creating your bucket list, we know that everyone loves a list! So, apply this to your efforts to build your vocabulary and use the word lists that find on the internet. Word lists are a really great way for expanding your vocabulary, topic by topic.


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