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Here are some Turkish student testimonials from our TALK Fort Lauderdale English School. Turkish Students were asked how they felt about their experience at our school.

TALK Fort Lauderdale Turkish Students Loved their Experience

“I learned lots of things about life and different cultures”Ezgi Aydin, Turkey

Ezgi Aydin, Turkey TALK Fort Lauderdale

Ezgi Aydin, Turkey
TALK Fort Lauderdale

Turkish student, Ezgi Aydin, continues:

“Besides learning the English language, I learned lots of things about life and different cultures in the US and Latin America. Teachers were not just teachers at TALK. They became really cool friends. Most of them were more interesting than students. Jamie (the activities coordinator at TALK Fort Lauderdale)… I cannot imagine TALK without Jamie. Every language school should have “a Jamie.” He was our life coach. He planned lots of events, parties and activities for the students to participate in. He is probably the craziest person I have ever met and I will never forget him. I love him so much! I am now attending a certificate program in San Francisco. So, I have had three different school experiences in three different cities in the US. If you really want to learn English and have a great experience, I advise you to attend TALK. I guarantee that you will love it. TALK makes it easy to socialize outside of class time and its ideal location in Fort Lauderdale, makes it an amazing school”

Fort Lauderdale Activities

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TALK Fort Lauderdale Students-Las Olas Beach

TALK Fort Lauderdale Students-Las Olas Beach


Just like our Turkish students, students from all around the world enjoy their time in Fort Lauderdale. Why wouldn’t they? While studying and perfecting their English skills. Fort Lauderdale is a very privilege location in South Florida. Drive for 15 minutes and you will find Las Olas Beach, one of the most attractive touristic attractions in the area. Las Olas offers tourists and locals an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean plus! Let’s not forget the huge variety of restaurants for all kind of pallets and budgets. And, If you want to have some fun after the beach, Fort Lauderdale has an wonderful life night too!

Drive only 3 hours and a half north and you will be in Orlando. Create memories that will surly last for a lifetime in one of the happiest places of earth. Enjoy a weekend of adventure visiting various theme parks like Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios and Sea World. If you decide to drive south from Fort Lauderdale you will get to the city of Miami, keep driving and you will arrive to the Florida Keys!



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