Easter in Fort Lauderdale!

 In Fort Lauderdale

Easter is one of the most important American celebrations. Yes, Easter has a religious meaning, although it comes with many more sweet traditions, that when you are especially in America should be taken advantage of. One of the most popular traditions is to paint eggs and participate in an Easter egg hunt.

At TALK Fort Lauderdale, our students had a great day of games, food and making Easter baskets for needy children.

TALK Fort Lauderdale celebrates Easter in a special way

easter egg painting

A treasure of candies and treats are placed inside these fake eggs, which are hidden where you least expect them in a park.  Kids love egg hunting and so our students get to be kids again and go-a-hunting for chocolate eggs.

TALK Fort Lauderdale students learned the American way to celebrate Easter. They made and decorated baskets full of Easter eggs, candies and some small toys for the kids. Then, they participated in an egg-and-spoon race, a very popular game in where participants must balance an egg upon a spoon and race with it to the finish line. We upgraded the game and made it more difficult by having them hold the spoon with nothing but their mouths!

Easter is about abundance, and so our students too got to taste some of the Easter treats. Imagine that armloads of Easter cupcakes,  Easter egg-shaped cakes, cookies, chocolates and candies, a perfect way to end the day. Yum.


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